Short-form videos are on the rise! That is why most social media platforms are cloning TikTok clips. Instagram, for one, introduced Reels last July. It was originally a 15-second video clip that imitated TikTok clips. Instagram then extended Reels video up to 60-second. 

A digital marketing speaker Hong Kong highlights that Reels are easily discoverable on Instagram. They appear on the explore section, IG feeds, and a separate tab for IG Reels. You can also put them as a cool link sticker in an Instagram Story. For a social media agency Hong Kong, Reels can help brands and businesses as a fun and creative way to promote products and services. 

If you’re looking to include Reels in your Instagram strategy, here’s all you need to know about them through a video marketing agency Hong Kong.


Instagram Reels is a video creation and editing tool that allows users to create a 60-second video clip. It is equipped with a comprehensive music library, control speed, countdown timer, and custom AR effects or backgrounds.

At the bottom of an Instagram camera, Reels appear next to IG Stories, showing as a clapper icon. Once you click Reels, you can add your original audio or choose from the music library. You can line up objects on your Reels frame as you add AR effects and custom backgrounds. You can also choose to slow down or quicken up its speed. Reels can be recorded hands-off using a built-in timer. It can also be recorded as a series of clips.

During its launch in Brazil, Instagram users increased by 4.34% In India, the Instagram app download increased by 11.4%. Reels became a popular content among sports. Around 20 out of 30 NBA teams use Reels to update their Instagram followers. They gained 22% more engagement. The LA Lakers gathered the most engagement using IG Reels with 385 followers and 6.8 million views.


Because it is fun and creative, Instagram Reels open up new options to promote products and services. It is because they can easily appear in front of a wider audience. If you have a public Instagram profile, you can save, share, or view Reels. 

Reels ads are paid placement appearing in regular Reels videos. They appear under the Reels tab, private feeds, and explore feed. Such ads can help brands and businesses reach a larger number of audiences. Through Reels, Instagrammers can also discover inspiring new content from creators. 

Reels ads are shown in full-screen. They are like vertical Stories ads or similar to TikTok business clips. They come with sponsored tags. But they can loop with organic IG videos. Viewers can also comment, like, save, or share them like any organic IG post.


There are several benefits of using Reels ads. These are:

Amazing Reach

There are several ways to discover Reels Ads. These are through audio searches, hashtag searches, Explore feeds, and Reels feeds. Such searches are available globally. Besides, Reels Ads can blend well with organic IG posts. That is why they can reach a larger number of audiences when compared o other IG content.

Boost Engagement

Reels ads can quickly grab the attention of Instagrammers and drive engagement. People can comment, like, or react to Reels ads. They can also be saved and shared. These are all social validations that brands and businesses can use to show a good reputation on Instagram.

Larger Reach

At the moment, modern consumers prefer short-video clips. Reels are on the rage just like TikTok. With almost 1 million users, this entire Instagram audience can be the target of Reels ads. Being a unique format, they can be engaging and exciting to younger audiences, which make up most Instagram users.


If you are looking to use Reels Ads, here are some tips to maximize it.

  • Always be on the watch for any Reels trends and update to understand them better.
  • Blend your Reels Ads with organic posts by keeping them fun and relevant. 
  • Experiment with different Reels format to see what work best for a brand. 
  • Influencers can help your Reels Ads stand out. 
  • Track Reels insight to guide you on your future Reels campaign.