A social media manager serves as the voice of a brand. A social media agency Hong Kong highlights the multi-faceted role of a social media manager. Their main duty is to manage and maintain different social media pages for brands and businesses.

A digital marketing speaker Hong Kong, their responsibilities include:

  • Content curation and scheduling
  • Interacting with social media customers, followers, partners, & prospects
  • Newsjacking
  • Optimizing ads and campaigns
  • Tracking social media analytics

Even a video marketing agency Hong Kong notes the importance of social media managers in optimizing video ads and campaigns. That is why it is important for a social media manager to be creative and organized. Below, is the best daily schedule for a social media manager.

Ideal Morning Routine

A positive vibe starts with a positive mind.  Begin your day with a healthy breakfast. While sipping a cup of coffee, take time to check emails and messaging services. Email remains the top internal and external communication tool among organizations. It is where customer service typically starts. Starting your morning routine with good customer service can brighten their smiles. You may also need to collaborate with stakeholders and teammates through email exchanges. Yet, don’t forget to set a limit as a huge inbox can eat up your precious time. Allot at least 220 to 30 minutes for such a routine.

Your next morning routine is looking at your social media calendar. Double-check if the ads and campaigns are scheduled at the best times. If possible, proofread all scheduled social media posts for any grammar, spelling, tone, or visual mistakes. These elements can make or break them. It is also important to ensure that the posts followed consistent branding.

Afterward, let us go to the most exciting part. Monitor the engagement of your content. Respond to comments and messages on the brands’ social media pages in a timely manner. Be grateful for any commendation, likes, and positive reactions. Do not ignore complaints, dislikes, and negative reactions. Treat them as an opportunity for improvement by trying to resolve customers’ issues. It may somewhat be challenging. But in the end, it is most rewarding.

You may also find time to join morning meetings with partners and teams. If you need to decide what strategy to make or the type of content to create, mornings are perfect for brainstorming.

Ideal Afternoon Routine

The afternoon is the best time to track analytics. It is important to explore these data and insights as numbers do not lie. Extracting such reports is vital to guide you with your social media strategy. It gives you an idea of which social media ads and campaigns are performing. From there, you can get inspiration to increase engagement, revenue, sales, traffic, and even customer retention.

The afternoon is also the time for newsjacking and social listening. Being aware of the current trends in your industry or niche can help you power up social media marketing. Simply knowing what your competitors are doing helps you decide benchmarks for your ads and campaigns. At least, you will have a clear standard if your social media content is effective or not. From these insights, you can also find ways to elevate your content. You can now start creating new content, media planning, and optimizing ads after going through your social media analytics.

Ideal Evening Routine

End your day with a review and plan for what you will do tomorrow. Have sound sleep to get enough energy for the hectic schedule you’ve been through.