Everybody knows about YouTube unless one lives under the rocks. YouTube is the number one destination for video streaming. Today, it is the 1st most visited global site for organic searches. A video marketing agency Hong Kong even added that YouTube has 2 billion monthly active users and 30 million daily active users. Such statistics make the video-sharing platform a powerful channel for marketing. 

Cisco reported that by 2022, videos will make up 82% of all online traffic. Video viewers retained 95% of the message compared to reading texts. That is the reason why 78% of modern consumers watch online videos weekly to learn about products and services. Around 54% of them want to see more videos from brands and businesses. As videos became the most popular choice of content today, marketers should consider YouTube Ads? Here are the reasons why!

The Potential Reach of YouTube Is Huge

A digital marketing speaker Hong Kong highlights that YouTube Ads are the perfect means to get in front of your target audiences. The most subscribed YouTube channel is T-Series, with 190 million followers. The most-viewed YouTube video is the “Baby Shark Dance” by Pinkfong Kids’ Songs & Stories, with more than 9 billion views. These just showed that the largest audience and most popular videos are on YouTube. 

Among brands and businesses, these statistics mean larger reach, which can boost the discovery of their products and services. Marketers do not need to spend a lot of time on the most popular social media channel. They also need to explore other platforms to know which effectively match their niche and drive positive results. 

Besides, YouTube is now available across multiple devices. People can watch YouTube videos using their desktops, smartphones, and smart TV sets. They can access YouTube videos in a lot of apps and streaming services. Families can watch YouTube on their front room televisions together. To diversify your ads and campaigns, marketers can never go wrong if they consider YouTube Ads. 

There Is Less Competition and Less Distraction in YouTube

A social media agency Hong Kong explains that people come to YouTube to watch a video. YouTube videos don’t compete for the audience’s attention. Unlike other platforms, YouTube does not have endless notifications and news feeds. This means they have less distraction than other social media networks.

There is also less competition when marketing on YouTube. Brands and businesses have a huge number of videos where they can place ads for their potential targets. The platform even allows ad and campaign partnerships with small video creators. As such, YouTube Ads can appear on any video. A recent change implemented by the platform provided an amount of real estate for unpaid YouTube Ads. This is to boost advertising among budding YouTube creators. 

YouTube also grows too quickly. After Google purchased the video-sharing platform in 2006, it focused more on video innovations. As such, other social media platforms cannot keep up at phase with YouTube’s video features and tools. That is why marketers should consider YouTube Ads. 

YouTube Ad Pricing Is Cheaper

Google owns YouTube. It means that advertising on YouTube is advertising on the Google AdWords network. With the power of Google AdWords, marketers should definitely consider YouTube Ads. The average cost-per-view of a YouTube Ad is around $0.010 – $0.030. It is the price that a brand or business pays every time a viewer watches a YouTube Ad from beginning to end.

Other social media platforms calculate the cost of their ads based on thousands. They price ads according to a thousand impressions or views. But YouTube prices its ads per view, making its ad pricing cheaper. So, if your ads appear on YouTube channels and videos that are audience-based, you can definitely boost the discovery of your products and services at affordable costs. Brands and businesses also have expanded the opportunity for YouTube ads to reach more people through the “watch next” feature after a regular video is done playing.

YouTube Has Unique Targeting Tools

There are several elements that make YouTube Ads more effective than other social media networks. YouTube has some unique targeting tools not available on other channels. As they are owned by Google, YouTube houses a lot of first-party data from audiences’ searches. These can be very valuable when launching YouTube ads and campaigns. 

Google studies showed that 80% of prime buyers are on YouTube. These are people ages 18 to 48 years old. Around 68% of this age demographic make a purchase after watching a YouTube video. That is a lot of conversion and sale opportunities for grabs. 

Most social media networks, like Facebook, have news feeds and endless notifications. To get the attention of their users on ads, they need to interrupt the user first. On YouTube, people go straight to videos to find solutions to their problems. Brands and businesses no longer need to interrupt them because they could position the ads right on the videos themselves. As such, marketers can reach viewers at the time they have a high intention of learning about the product and making a purchase.  


Remember that people visit YouTube to watch videos. Marketers should consider YouTube Ads because they are cheaper, easier to place, and more effective. Try it now and see amazing results!

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