Last year was a significant year for social media. The pandemic accelerated the switch in pushing more people to get online. Most social media networks experience growth as people connect to the world right in their homes. Today, there are around 3.6 billion social media users. Brands and businesses have also switched to using social media in promoting their products and services. Their budget shifted from print advertisements to digital ads. As such, there are more and more searches about budget-friendly ads that convert. Here are some low-cost strategies you can do!

Anniversary Campaigns

Anniversaries are momentous events reminding us that something matters. It may be your business, friendship, husband, work partnership, etc. Setting up anniversary campaigns a month ahead allows brands and businesses to take part in the celebration. Depending on the products and services offered, they can do anniversary campaigns in different forms. A video marketing agency Hong Kong suggests creating a video ad to evoke emotions within such campaigns. Hit just right within the first few seconds of a YouTube short clip, and share it on Facebook to expand its reach. Some suggested anniversary campaigns are:

  • Anniversary code to get a special offer
  • Anniversary discount for a product
  • Anniversary freebies on purchases
  • Anniversary service packages
  • Buy 1 get 1 for your partner

Birthday Campaigns

Birthdays are a special time of year for most people. It reminds them how far they have come and what goals they have achieved in life. For brands and businesses, targeting birthday celebrants before a week or two can most likely convert them to consider you as part of the celebration. With just a one-time setup, these types of evergreen content keep you up and running. Most social media platforms allow ad targeting based on birthday demographics. Facebook, for one, allows brands and businesses to filter their audiences based on life events. Using Facebook Ads Manager, filter your audience based on their birthdays for the ad to reach people with upcoming birthdays. Some examples of eCommerce ads directly referencing birthday celebrants are:

  • Birthday code to get a special offer
  • Birthday discount on a product
  • Birthday freebies on purchases
  • Discounted or free birthday consultation services

Video ads can be an effective way to present birthday campaigns, according to a social media agency Hong Kong. A great way is to create mystery using a wrapped birthday present and pique the audience’s interest through a text teaser. You can also add an accompanying text post to tell viewers how to open the wrap. Boil the video ad down within 30 seconds to 2 minutes to be more effective. Viewers today have a short attention span. 

Local Businesses Campaigns

Google My Business has greatly enhanced the discovery of local businesses. It targets people not only living within a certain area but also those visiting the location. Brands and businesses can offer discounts and promotion codes to residents. They can also craft a loyalty program for frequent customers. Among local visitors, ads on specialty cuisines and souvenir items with discounts and promotion codes can excite people who are new in town most. Of course, local businesses ads only work for people who have their GPS. But still, a large portion of them do so. 

A digital marketing speaker Hong Kong notes the importance of storytelling as an effective marketing strategy for local businesses campaigns. It helps you build awareness by connecting your audience to the people behind your brand. It also creates connections by showing your history and values. 

Q & A Campaigns

No matter how brands and businesses share advice and tips, people continue to ask similar questions. So, if you have piles of advice saved up in your brain or a spreadsheet of content banks relevant to your products and services, a budget-friendly ad that converts are Q & A campaigns. Using Messenger ads, you can ask a potential customer a question relevant to his or her needs. The answer is a product or service ad that can solve his or her problem. This type of ad prompts people to start a conversation with brands and businesses. This allows them to qualify leads and personalize their offers. They are also an opportunity to provide 24/7 customer support by the use of well-designed chatbots.

Trend Campaigns

Budget-friendly ads that convert are trend campaigns. These are riding on with relevant viral issues that may come and go. But during the heat of the discussion, brands and businesses can grab the opportunity to promote their products and services. A good example of this campaign is highlighting the importance of using masks and sanitizers to protect you against COVID-19. Brands selling such items can create educational ads about the COVID trend and present the importance of their products to cope up with the new normal world. After the trend, you can turn the campaign off anytime.