digital marketing speaker Hong Kong highlights that Twitter is the number one platform for discovery. It is where people go-to for the latest products and trends, as a social media agency Hong Kong noted. Even a video marketing agency Hong Kong emphasizes the importance of Twitter in promoting products and services. Compared to other social media networks, users of the microblogging platform spend 26% more time viewing ads.

A tweet is short and sweet. It is not enough to tell a brand story. That is why Twitter launched Carousel Ads. They support up to six images and videos to allow brands and businesses to create engaging stories. Let us explore how brands can use Twitter Carousel ads.


Twitter Carousel Ads allow multiple images and videos within a single ad post. They highlight specific features through a seamless transition of different products. Carousel ads support two to six cards to deliver the right message, drive action, and tell a brand story.

Create Carousel ads with ease with the same Twitter creative specifications for images and videos. Engage your Twitter audiences with an edge-to-edge card transition. They can be the best used in awareness and engagement campaigns through testing and learning. Carousel ads are available on Twitter Ad Manager.


Twitter Carousel Ads are also great for:

  • Breaking up a single image or video in multiple frames
  • Highlighting multiple reviews and testimonials from customers
  • Multi-offers in a campaign
  • Multi-product showcases
  • Telling a brand story
  • Various product benefits illustration


To create a Twitter Carousel Ad, navigate to the Twitter Ads Manager at Choose the “Creatives” tab and then the “tweet composer” button. You can now add your tweet text. 

Click the “Add Media” button and upload up to six creative assets. Ensure that the images and videos flow in cohesion or follow a visual narrative. For mixed-media content, the aspect ratio should be 1:1 image with 1:1 video or .91:1 images with 16:9 video.

If you would like to apply the same media and URL for your Carousel ad, check the “Apply to all media” box under the first image or video. But if you want to customize your ad destination into different web pages, you can add a unique headline and URL for each of them.

You can now publish your Carousel ad immediately by clicking the tweet button at the top right. If you want to publish it later, click the drop-down menu on the tweet button to choose the time and date.

Carousel ads can be organic or paid. To tweet them as organic content, simply uncheck the “Promoted Only” box at the bottom of the tweet composer.